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Deciding on how many guests to have at your wedding can be a daunting task. Booking your wedding reception can take a large chunk out of your budget, and even if you are a bride with ‘money to burn’, you still may prefer to have a quieter affair.


To help you out in your decision about numbers, we’ve created three handy tips below:


1: What’s Your Budget?


If you have a limited amount of money to spend on your wedding reception, ask your wedding venue in South Wales how many people you can cater for within your budget.


Remember to do this before you start sending out invites or casually spreading the word about your Big Day; as you don’t want to offend or disappoint people later on down the line!


2: The ‘must haves’ and the ‘could haves’!


For most brides and grooms, there are certain people they want at the wedding, without question.


Parents, children, best men and bridesmaids usually fall into this category as well as close and special friends.


The mistake that many brides make is initially inviting everyone and their dog to their Big Day only to later regret it.


Remember, that your wedding day is meant to be a special day to share with the people who mean most to you, so have a good think before you invite (and spend money on) people who you may not even know in a few years time (your local shop-keepers new boyfriend, for example!)!


3: Equal measures?


This is a common problem when it comes to deciding on wedding numbers – one partner has a significantly larger amount of potential guests than the other.


This can be particularly awkward if you are having a traditional marriage ceremony where the grooms group sits on the opposite side of the brides!


It also doesn’t go down too well with the group photographs!


A good way to get around this is to:


1: Decide on an equal amount of guests that you both invite;


2: Do not invite extended family members and social acquaintances;


3: Accept the situation and laugh!


The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team.
Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Wedding Team at Three Saints (or the W Team as we are known) on 01443 222386

focus at your wedding reception and it will be a much talked about topic after the Big Day has been and gone.


No, we are not talking about your dress; we’re talking about your cake!



Believe it or not, even with horse-drawn carriages, designer dresses and with weddings today generally being more extravagant than ever, people still talk about the cake – What flavour is it? How many tiers are there? How is it decorated? Be honest; you’ve all heard the questions (and are probably guilty of asking them to other brides!).



So, with the pressure on to book a cake that impresses your guests, finding a design that suits your tastes and budget can seem like a daunting task … but it doesn’t have to be!



First things first, before you go booking a supplier, try and visualise what you want from your cake.


Is it plain it coloured? Is it square or round? How many tiers does it have? Are the tiers separated or directly in top of one another?


If you are struggling to picture this yourself, you can always look through wedding magazines and Google images for inspiration.


Many wedding venues will also have pictures of cakes that have been previously used in weddings they have hosted, so you can see what looks best in your chosen venue.



Once you have a good idea in your mind, and you have worked out your budget, you can describe the kind of cake you are after to prospective suppliers (sketch it on a piece of paper if it’s easier).


Bear in mind that most cake makers will have a large portfolio of popular designs, so it’s better for you if you have a general idea of what you want before you get bombarded with expensive designs!


But luckily the Three Saints in their wedding box which gives up to £1000 wedding discounts on wedding suppliers including wedding cakes can make the process a it easier and on the pocket, but it’s only available when you book your wedding with us.


The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team


Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 


Choosing the right wedding photographer can make up an important part of your wedding plans.


After all, your Big Day is one of the most important events in your life; and you want to make sure you hire the best person to beautifully capture those magical and unforgettable moments.


To help ensure you get those sensational snaps and to make sure your photography plans go without a ‘hitch’, we’ve made a handy tips-list for you to follow when booking your wedding photographer.


1: Does the style work for you?

Let’s be honest’ every bride-to-be has an image in her mind of what she wants her wedding photos to look like.


Whether you like traditional ‘posed’ shots or natural ‘as they happen’ captures, make sure you tell your prospective photographers your preferred style and ask if they have experience in working in such a way.


Don’t forget; the camera doesn’t lie, so even though many professionals can ‘talk the talk’, make sure you ask to see a portfolio of wedding shots in the style that you want. It’s also a good idea to look at photographs from either the venue you have booked or other similar Cardiff wedding venues.


2: Do you get on?

Most brides don’t realise this, but the personality of your photographer is as important (if not more) than the quality of work itself.


A wedding photographer may have an exceptional portfolio and offer competitive prices, but if his / her personality isn’t up to scratch, then look elsewhere!


Don’t forget that on your wedding day, you will be spending a lot of time with your chosen photographer and if you are not completely happy, it will show in the photographs.


Depending on the amount of guests you have at your wedding, you may have a lot of people you need to ‘get around’.


Make sure you chose a photographer who respects the fact that it is your day and not all about adhering to his/ her photography plans.


And of course, always arrange to meet any prospective photographers before hand; this will give you a good insight into their personality and whether you will be able to work well together on the day.



3: Tell them the price!

Even if you do not have a budget for your wedding photographs, tell prospective photographers that you do!


During your first meeting, state a price that you are prepared to pay and ask what you can get for your budget.


Remember that you can always increase your budget if need be, so start off low.


The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team


Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 

It may seem like a minor detail to many people, but most brides-to-be ponder over whether or not to have chair covers at their wedding reception.


Even when taking their budgets out of the equation, many brides-to-be are becoming bored of seeing the same old chair covers at wedding after wedding, yet it still seems minimalistic to leave your chairs naked!


For those of you who want to sensationalise your seating, there are many creative ways in which you can still make your tables and chairs look stunning without ordering the standard chair covers.


Many wedding packages in South Wales offer complimentary tablecloths and runners.


If, however, you are looking for something a little more luxurious, you can hire a floor length table cloth and coloured, accessorised napkins to match your theme.


Many of these luxurious floor length cloths come in a variety of fabrics such as silks, satins and damasks; drawing attention to your table rather than your chairs.


Dramatic centerpieces such as candelabras and tall flower vases/arrangements can also create an eye-catching effect.


Depending on your chosen wedding venue, some chairs actually look quite attractive in all their naked glory.


Don’t forget that chair covers are an extremely common decoration choice, so by not having them is guaranteed to make your layout unique.


Even if you don’t like the chairs at your venue, or they do not correspond with your wedding theme, you can hire stunning looking chairs from an external company but the Three Saints has a huge assortment of different colours so it will be difficult not to get the perfect colour or chair cover at the Three Saints.

The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team


Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 


A Summer Wedding Venue in South Wales

A Summer Ceremony in a Wedding Venue in South Wales

Let’s be honest; whatever month you decide to get married, there is one thing that you are hoping for – that the sun will shine!


With British summers getting hotter and hotter, more and more brides-to-be are booking their wedding venues on home turf.


But what is the best month to get married, and what should you consider before setting that all-important date?



If you are looking to book a barbeque or a marquee at your wedding venue in South Wales, then June is great month to do it! The 21st June sees the longest day of the year in Britain, so grabbing this date can see you celebrating outdoors way into the summer evening!


If you are on a budget, summer drinks such as Pimms and white whine spritzers are a great alternative to expensive champagne.


Many wedding venues offer specific drinks for the summer months so don’t forget to check this out with your venue coordinator!



Although every bride knows that the British summer weather can be unpredictable, July usually delivers the sunshine!


With July temperatures known to reach nearly 30 degrees (don’t forget your parasol!), this is the most popular month for British summer weddings.


Bear in mind that although July is a great month for booking your wedding, many other people may have had the same idea.


Check with your guests that they haven’t already been booked out on the day you are hoping to get married, and if they have, you may want to consider booking a weekday or a Friday (which is usually cheaper).



The scorcher of all the summer seasons, the British sun certainly wears its hat during August; making it a great time for a wedding!


But, if you are considering an August wedding, be mindful of what cake or flowers you choose; as you don’t want any mid-day drooping or mid-meal melting!


Also, if you are having an outdoor reception at your wedding venue in South Wales, be careful about what foods you choose to have in the buffet.


Fish, chicken and salad dishes that are left out in the sun for too long may not go down too well (excuse the pun) with the guests!


If you are planning a sizzling August wedding, it’s a good idea to research your honeymoon destinations.



The Caribbean and Florida go through hurricane season during this time; so unless you want your first few weeks of married to literally be whirlwind, do your homework first!







The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team


Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 


As an enthusiastic bride- to-be, you want your Big Day to go without a ‘hitch’ – of course you do- you’ve probably dreamt of this day since you were a little girl, and ever since your fiancé put that ring on your finger, you have probably pictured yourself in every single wedding venue in South Wales!


When you visualize your wedding, it’s almost always perfect – the sky is blue and cloudless, the speeches are the most heart-warming and funny there have ever been, and you look better than an air-brushed photo of Megan Fox!


But as the Big Day draws closer, and the reality of what you are organising sinks in, you are likely to find yourself stressing over the most minor of details.


From fretting over whether you have picked the right hairstyle to worrying if your venue is really the best wedding venue in South Wales, every factor of your wedding day starts to race through your mind.


But don’t worry; this is normal!


While most brides-to-be spend the final few weeks before their wedding anxiously worrying about something going wrong, most will tell you afterwards that they fretted over nothing.


Of course, nothing is guaranteed; and no one can tell you for certain whether the sun will shine or whether all of your guests will enjoy the food or entertainment you supply.


What you can guarantee, on the other hand, is as soon as you have said your vows, and the ceremony is over, you will relax and the little details that have kept you awake for months on end will suddenly seem less important!


Of course, choosing one of the reputable South Wales wedding venues can be a big help in ensuring your day runs smoothly….






The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team


Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 


The Big Entrance

The Big Entrance!

Let’s face it; when you arrive any of the South Wales wedding venues, you want to arrive in style! Whether you turn up on a theatrical-style horse and carriage or you make your grand entrance in a vintage wedding car, you want your wedding transport to be perfect – just like the rest of your Big Day.

Deciding on your means of wedding transport can be difficult – after all, besides finding the right transport to suit your budget, there are many other factors that need to be taken into account.

To make it a little bit easier for you, we have made you a ready-to- go checklist;



When you are choosing your wedding transport, it’s a good idea to think about the distance to your wedding venue in South Wales.


You may have dreams of turning up on a sensational horse and carriage, but imagine the state on the poor horse if your wedding venue is miles away!



Some wedding venues see just the immediate wedding party turning up by wedding transport whilst others see the entire guest list! Think about how many people you would like to arrange transport for, and work this around your budget if you have one.


Limos, fire engines and traditional buses are popular choices for large groups, and some wedding packages in South Wales will be able to suggest suppliers for you.


The Venue

When you book your wedding venue in South Wales , it’s a good idea to ask about travel accommodation. Does the venue have ample space for a bus? Is the route to the venue easily accessible?

Some wedding venues are better suited to certain transport means than others, so it’s important that you let your driver know of any special conditions way ahead of your big day. Just imagine the look on your guests’ faces if the wedding bus has to park half a mile away from the venue!


Quality and Price

It’s always a good idea to shop around when booking your wedding transport. Of course, if you are working to a budget, then price has to be considered; but don’t forget to check on the quality of the transport.

Ask for testimonials from previous brides and grooms and check what South Wales wedding venues the driver has been to before.


The Three Saints Wedding Team



Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 


Summer’s in Full Bloom…But is Your Bouquet?

Summer’s in Full Bloom…But is Your Bouquet?

Your Big Day has finally arrived; you look a million dollars in your fabulous wedding dress and you’ve booked one of the best wedding venues in South Wales.


Your guests are standing around the wedding venue eagerly awaiting your big arrival, and to top it off, the sun is shining brighter than you ever imagined. So far, everything is going just perfectly.


But, just as you thought your wedding dreams had come true, an unthinkable nightmare begins…your bright and beautiful bouquet has drooped lower than the jaw of your new husband when he seen you walking down the aisle!


Now, you may be about to celebrate your nuptials in the greatest wedding venue in South Wales , and you may be the most stunning bride since Kate Middleton, but all you can think of is your saggy spray and how unexceptional your bouquet must look to your guests!


Getting married in the summertime can be glorious, and many South Wales wedding venues see a massive increase in business during warmer seasons.


But most brides who get married during the sunny season do not realise the importance of choosing their flowers to accommodate to the sunshine.


A Bunch of Decisions…

It’s a good idea to opt for a flower arrangement that will remain fresh throughout the day. Flowers with a waxy texture have great ‘staying power’ – cymbidium and dendrobium orchids are a pretty yet practical option.


Other flowers that are known to do well in high temperatures include ginger halcyons, tiger lilies, birds-of-paradise and roses.


When choosing a supplier, it’s a good idea to go with someone local; as seasonal blooms in your area are more likely to endure hotter temperatures. Remember, you can always ask your flower supplier advice on what will work best in your wedding venue.


It’s important to bear in mind that the higher the temperature, the more maintenance your flowers will require.

If you are having your ceremony at your chosen South Wales wedding venue, ask the wedding co-coordinator if there is a refrigerator at hand where you can store your flowers for the morning.

Of course, in order to keep your flowers as fresh as possible, ask your supplier to deliver them the morning of the wedding.


Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 


Let’s face it; your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and if you are like many brides in South Wales, you will start ‘prepping and planning’ as soon as that engagement ring is on your finger!


From colour schemes to unique themes; from cake flavours to party favours, every little detail will be running through your racing mind – all to make the Big Day perfect!


But, before you think about booking the little things, there’s one big (and very important) issue to contend with – where will you choose as your wedding venue in South Wales?


First things first, it’s important to remember that your South Wales wedding venue will probably take up the biggest chunk of your budget, so make sure you ask for prices before you get carried away.


If you are on a limited budget (or like the majority of us, you simply want to save some cash where you can), it’s a good idea to look at the wedding venues that offer wedding packages in South Wales.


Often including catering, evening entertainment, complimentary bridal suites and wedding planning assistance, choosing a venue with a wedding package can save you a significant amount of cash and stress!


Of course, whether or not you decide to opt for a package deal or a wedding venue in South Wales that leaves you to your own devices, there is still a lot to take into consideration when choosing the perfect place to celebrate your nuptials.


Depending on the scale of your wedding, you may want to ask yourself the following questions;

  • Is the South Wales venue easy to get to via car, bus or taxi?


  • Is there overnight accommodation available for my guests?


  • Am I able to see pictures and testimonials from former brides and grooms?


  • Does the venue cater for weddings on a regular basis?


  • Is there ample space available for my evening guests?


  • Is the wedding venue child-friendly?


  • Am I able to see the menus beforehand?



Their are many more questions that you may have, which is important as you want to feel comfortable choosing the right place, so don’t hesitate asking the venue you have your eyes on what you want to know, we believe a great wedding venue should disclose as much as they can to their future clients.

The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team


Remember; choosing a wedding venue in South Wales  venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386