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Who Do You Invite To Your South Wales Wedding
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Who to Invite To Your South Wales Wedding Venue?

Deciding on how many guests to have at your wedding can be a daunting task. Booking your wedding reception can take a large chunk out of your budget, and even if you are a bride with ‘money to burn’, you still may prefer to have a quieter affair.


To help you out in your decision about numbers, we’ve created three handy tips below:


1: What’s Your Budget?


If you have a limited amount of money to spend on your wedding reception, ask your wedding venue in South Wales how many people you can cater for within your budget.


Remember to do this before you start sending out invites or casually spreading the word about your Big Day; as you don’t want to offend or disappoint people later on down the line!


2: The ‘must haves’ and the ‘could haves’!


For most brides and grooms, there are certain people they want at the wedding, without question.


Parents, children, best men and bridesmaids usually fall into this category as well as close and special friends.


The mistake that many brides make is initially inviting everyone and their dog to their Big Day only to later regret it.


Remember, that your wedding day is meant to be a special day to share with the people who mean most to you, so have a good think before you invite (and spend money on) people who you may not even know in a few years time (your local shop-keepers new boyfriend, for example!)!


3: Equal measures?


This is a common problem when it comes to deciding on wedding numbers – one partner has a significantly larger amount of potential guests than the other.


This can be particularly awkward if you are having a traditional marriage ceremony where the grooms group sits on the opposite side of the brides!


It also doesn’t go down too well with the group photographs!


A good way to get around this is to:


1: Decide on an equal amount of guests that you both invite;


2: Do not invite extended family members and social acquaintances;


3: Accept the situation and laugh!


The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team.
Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Wedding Team at Three Saints (or the W Team as we are known) on 01443 222386

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