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A Summer Ceremony in a Wedding Venue in South Wales
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A Summer Ceremony in a Wedding Venue in South Wales

Let’s be honest; whatever month you decide to get married, there is one thing that you are hoping for – that the sun will shine!


With British summers getting hotter and hotter, more and more brides-to-be are booking their wedding venues on home turf.


But what is the best month to get married, and what should you consider before setting that all-important date?



If you are looking to book a barbeque or a marquee at your wedding venue in South Wales, then June is great month to do it! The 21st June sees the longest day of the year in Britain, so grabbing this date can see you celebrating outdoors way into the summer evening!


If you are on a budget, summer drinks such as Pimms and white whine spritzers are a great alternative to expensive champagne.


Many wedding venues offer specific drinks for the summer months so don’t forget to check this out with your venue coordinator!



Although every bride knows that the British summer weather can be unpredictable, July usually delivers the sunshine!


With July temperatures known to reach nearly 30 degrees (don’t forget your parasol!), this is the most popular month for British summer weddings.


Bear in mind that although July is a great month for booking your wedding, many other people may have had the same idea.


Check with your guests that they haven’t already been booked out on the day you are hoping to get married, and if they have, you may want to consider booking a weekday or a Friday (which is usually cheaper).



The scorcher of all the summer seasons, the British sun certainly wears its hat during August; making it a great time for a wedding!


But, if you are considering an August wedding, be mindful of what cake or flowers you choose; as you don’t want any mid-day drooping or mid-meal melting!


Also, if you are having an outdoor reception at your wedding venue in South Wales, be careful about what foods you choose to have in the buffet.


Fish, chicken and salad dishes that are left out in the sun for too long may not go down too well (excuse the pun) with the guests!


If you are planning a sizzling August wedding, it’s a good idea to research your honeymoon destinations.



The Caribbean and Florida go through hurricane season during this time; so unless you want your first few weeks of married to literally be whirlwind, do your homework first!







The Three Saints Hotel Wedding Team


Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 


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