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Summer’s in Full Bloom…But is Your Bouquet?
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Summer’s in Full Bloom…But is Your Bouquet?

Your Big Day has finally arrived; you look a million dollars in your fabulous wedding dress and you’ve booked one of the best wedding venues in South Wales.


Your guests are standing around the wedding venue eagerly awaiting your big arrival, and to top it off, the sun is shining brighter than you ever imagined. So far, everything is going just perfectly.


But, just as you thought your wedding dreams had come true, an unthinkable nightmare begins…your bright and beautiful bouquet has drooped lower than the jaw of your new husband when he seen you walking down the aisle!


Now, you may be about to celebrate your nuptials in the greatest wedding venue in South Wales , and you may be the most stunning bride since Kate Middleton, but all you can think of is your saggy spray and how unexceptional your bouquet must look to your guests!


Getting married in the summertime can be glorious, and many South Wales wedding venues see a massive increase in business during warmer seasons.


But most brides who get married during the sunny season do not realise the importance of choosing their flowers to accommodate to the sunshine.


A Bunch of Decisions…

It’s a good idea to opt for a flower arrangement that will remain fresh throughout the day. Flowers with a waxy texture have great ‘staying power’ – cymbidium and dendrobium orchids are a pretty yet practical option.


Other flowers that are known to do well in high temperatures include ginger halcyons, tiger lilies, birds-of-paradise and roses.


When choosing a supplier, it’s a good idea to go with someone local; as seasonal blooms in your area are more likely to endure hotter temperatures. Remember, you can always ask your flower supplier advice on what will work best in your wedding venue.


It’s important to bear in mind that the higher the temperature, the more maintenance your flowers will require.

If you are having your ceremony at your chosen South Wales wedding venue, ask the wedding co-coordinator if there is a refrigerator at hand where you can store your flowers for the morning.

Of course, in order to keep your flowers as fresh as possible, ask your supplier to deliver them the morning of the wedding.


Remember; your South Wales wedding venue can make all the difference to your Big Day, so choose wisely. For more information on choosing the perfect venue, contact The Events Team on 01443 222386 


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